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How it works...

Wedding Websites!

With environmentally friendly being the buzz words of the day, wedding websites are one of the most technological wedding trends of the century.

Create a beautifully designed, mobile-friendly website to share your wedding plans with family and friends. Our easy steps will ensure that both you as the client and ourselves have all the applicable information before we start the invite.

online rsvp on your wedding website

Step One: Pick a Design

Choose from one of our three wedding website packages and one of our themes!

online rsvp on your wedding website

Step Two: Personalize It

Download the document for that package and theme, add your wedding details, photos, stories and more, and send back to us.

online rsvp on your wedding website

Step Three: Share With Guests

Share your wedding website url with your guests and wait for those RSVPs to roll in.

Package and Add-On Selection

Choose one of our packages:

The Chick

The "cheap - cheap"

More Info

The Hare

The quickest in the barn

More Info

The Owl

The whole whoot!

More Info

Choose and approve your custom domain name if your package included a custom domain, or you choose to add a custom domain name to your website as an add-on.

Choose any other add-ons you might want from our Add-Ons list.

Content (Website Questionnaire)

What do we need from you

  • Website content
  • Wedding Questionnaire
  • High quality photos


Unfortunately we cannot start your website until we have received a 50 % deposit. The remainder of the amount will be due once the website has been completed. Until the final payment is received, your website will be offline. The deposit is non-refundable. Your website will be taken offline when your 12 months is over.

Website Review

When your website is completed, it enters the review stage.

This enables you to chop and change on the website as you see fit. Change fonts, alter the content, crop the images etc.

Review Changes:

A review change is seen as 1 email in which all the applicable changes has been provided to us. It can be more that 1 change.

We can unfortunately only allow 3 (complete) review change emails before we charge a R150 per review change fee.

Final Payment and Website Live

After you are happy with all the changes, the final payment is due. Your website will remain in an offline state and will not be able to accept visitors until the outstanding balance has been settled.

Once the POP (Proof of Payment) has been received for the final payment, your website is immediately placed online, and all visitors have access to the site.